CGR joins the NASA DEVELOP Program

NASA-DevelopBeginning in summer 2013, the University of Georgia’s department of geography partnered with NASA through NASA’s Applied Sciences’ DEVELOP National Program, a national student internship initiative created to enhance training and development in Earth science.

DEVELOP is headquartered at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia and currently partners with 15 institutions around the world, most of which are closely associated with NASA centers. The program began in 1998 when the Digital Earth Initiative, a federal interagency project dedicated to increasing human understanding of the planet, initiated an effort to increase public access to federal information about the Earth and the environment.

The Center for Geospatial Research (CGR) is housing several students involved in NASA DEVELOP activities. Students use software and hardware infrastructure provided by the Center to develop multidisciplinary projects including satellite imagery and other geospatial data. DEVELOP projects aim to increase our understanding of the natural and man-made environments and contribute to identifying impacts of human influences on Earth. CGR staff and senior students assist DEVELOP interns in applying geospatial techniques.

Visit the CGR NASA DEVELOP Program page